Thursday, September 22, 2016

Too Many Problems, Not Enough Time....

I know everybody is up in arms about the news of unarmed people of color getting murdered by policeman on a daily basis. Everyone is full of rage, but yet no one is full of solutions. And with good reason, too. That's because the solution is not that simple. You have to realize that everything we are experiencing is systematic. This whole system of racism, sexism, genocide, etc didn't happen overnight. It came from generations of planning and implementation. Unfortunately for us, we don't have generations of time to play catch up to implement solutions to save us from the system.

Even though we don't have the time to play catch up, I think we should still try to save ourselves from this atrocity. We owe that to ourselves and our future generations. Believe it or not, I think the solution to our problem is quite simple. If we, as a people, go back to our roots, I think we all would be better off for it. When I say go back to our roots, I mean that we should use all of our talents and gifts for the benefit of us. I know it sounds selfish, but trust me, it's not. If you think about it, we are being exploited and have been exploited for so long, it's ridiculous. We have literally made every other race of people on this planet more wealthy except US. And it was OUR blood, sweat, and tears that made it happen and yet WE have nothing to show for it.

I know it sounds scary and radical at first, but hear me out. Nothing that we're doing would really change that drastically. We as a people are very resilient and crafty. Think about it, we survived EVERY drug and disease that they've thrown at us. And yet, we're still thriving!! Now, if we apply these same strengths to our own upkeep, imagine how great we could be!!! For instance, we made great strides with the Black bank movement. All we have to do is just use that momentum to keep the progression rolling like using all the money we put into those Black banks to fund our own endeavors. We already have the blueprint for success. Look at Black Wall Street. Sure it was a small town, but we were at the pinnacle of success to the point that they were afraid and HAD TO shut it down. With all the Colored millionaires and billionaires we have in this world now, no one ever tried to duplicate that ever again. Why!?! Sure we know the odds are stacked against us and everything, but at this critical juncture, what exactly do we have to lose?!?

I can go on and on with this topic, but I feel that talking & complaining without solutions is futile. I just wanted to put SOMETHING out there. It might work, it might not. But I'm done with just sitting on my hands waiting for the next colored person to be murdered like a sheep waiting on the slaughter. If we're going to do something, the TIME IS NOW!! Let me know what you guys think....

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