Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Look What I Got To Try...

I've been on the Internet for years, so I get to try a lot of free stuff ALL THE TIME. This is one of the latest trials that I participated in. Check it out!

Jimmy Dean Premium 9oz Bowl Campaign

I got to try two of Jimmy Dean's Premium Breakfast Bowls for free so far and this is what I thought about each one.

The first one I tried is the Ranchero Steak and Eggs Bowl. The ingredients include steak, eggs, cheddar cheese, onions, peppers, potatoes, and salsa. Now I must admit that I was skeptical at first because I don't eat steak on a regular basis. The thought of steak for breakfast really had me looking at this bowl with major side eye...LoL!


I'm glad I did decide to try it. The steak was not dry and bland tasting like other frozen entrees are. The combination of the different flavors of the onions and peppers with the salsa was really good. I really enjoyed the flavor. I don't know if I would eat this all the time, but I would buy it occasionally so that I can enjoy something different for breakfast.

The second one I tried was the Burrito Breakfast Bowl flavor. This one was my favorite between the two I did try. It has some interesting ingredients including corn, black beans, onions, peppers, and eggs. I found the corn and black beans most interesting because you wouldn't normally hear that in a breakfast dish. They actually tasted really good together in this bowl. The peppers in this bowl also was a refreshing kick that I wasn't expecting. I'm actually going to buy this flavor more than the Steak flavor. I actually enjoyed this combination of ingredients more than the steak one.


I did enjoy both of the varieties of the Jimmy Dean Premium Breakfast Bowls, although my favorite was the Burrito Breakfast. If you want to shake up your breakfast routine, I suggest you try them. There is another variety, Loaded Potato (which I haven't tried yet, but will). You won't be disappointed. They're $2.97 at your local Walmart, so you won't lose much.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

I Don't Usually Listen To Gospel Music, But....

I don't usually listen to gospel music due to how secular it sounds, but this performance sent chills down my spine. I dare you to listen to this performance and not feel the Holy Spirit moving in you. The dude playing the harp...Mannn...that man is money for real!!! You know you're dealing with that serious REAL gospel when the musician is playing the harp! I've been to about six different churches and never seen anyone play a harp before, yet I see it all through Psalms and other books in the Bible. I'm just gon' leave that right there for you to ponder...

I definitely downloaded this to my phone AND told my Mama and her church friend about it....LoL! But anyway, I really liked this song, especially since the lyrics come straight from The Word. Shoutout to Unplugem for the introduction to this awesome song. The artist's name is Jeff Majors and it's called Psalm 23.

Jeff Majors Performs Psalm 23 Live

Avon A Box Look

This A Box includes:
1. Big & Daring Volume Mascara $9
2. Eyeshadow Quads "Romantic Mauves" $8
3. True Color Lipstick "Vamp" $8
4. Diamond Eyeliner "Sugar Plum" $7
5. Nail Polish "Midnight Plum" $8

The A Boxes from Avon are a fun way to try out the most popular products at an affordable price. There's a different box every two weeks, so the possibilities are endless. They're available for $10 with your $40 purchase. To order, click on the link below:

Friday, January 26, 2018

The Dynamic Duo

One of the things I hate about winter is the fact that my skin feels like a dried up washcloth...LoL! No matter how much lotion or body oils or body butters I use, the colder the temperature is outside, the drier my skin will feel. It not only feels dry on the outer layers, but it feels like it’s drying from the inside out. I came across a few products from the Avon and mark lines that help to relieve the problem, but I want to point out two of my favorites today. I call these two products the Dynamic Duo because when used together on a regular basis, your skin will retain its moisture and won’t dry out during these brutal winter months. I also posted links to buy them as well.

Moisture Therapy Ultra Hydration Body Lotion

I love using this body lotion. It contains shea butter and is great on extra dry skin. It soaks right into your skin and won’t leave a greasy residue after applying. Another good thing about this lotion is that after continued use, you notice how better your skin looks over time. My skin looks a lot healthier and feels better overall. Another caveat, it’s always on sale!

Skin So Soft Supreme Nourishment Triple-Phase Body Oil

I know when you first see this oil, your reaction will probably be like “What?!?” That’s because it’s actually three different oils in one (argan, babassu and macadamia). Talk about getting your money’s worth! These three oils each work together to nourish, protect, and moisturize your skin. By shaking the bottle, you’re combining all three oils into one supreme body oil....LoL. After applying the Ultra Hydration Body Lotion, I follow up with this oil paying extra attention to my knees and elbows. Nothing is more irritating than having dry knees and elbows.

I've been using these two products together for a month now and I’m totally happy with the results. I didn't plan on using them together, but just happened to notice that I loved the way my skin felt after using them. I also noticed that I didn't have to use them as often as store bought products that I used in the past. These products together gives your skin a nice barrier of moisture that will ensure your skin will remain healthy during the winter. 

****Honorable Mention

Ultra Hydration Body Scrub

Use this body scrub once (or twice depending on skin type) a week to prepare your skin for your moisturizing products. Dead skin doesn't soak in moisture well at all. It also contains shea butter, so you’ll be adding an extra layer of moisture while your skin is wet (which prevents over drying).

Saturday, December 2, 2017

My Product Of The Week....

My product of the week is.....

The Joyful Beautiful Pajama Set from Avon. This pajama set is not only cyute, but it is oh so comfortable. It reminds me of the old school pajamas that I had as a child. You know the ones that are made of that old school cotton that lasts forever. These bad boys are really keeping me warm. 

They also have pockets (two on the sides of the pants and one on the chest). It comes in four colors (Brushstroke shown above) and also has coordinating slippers that are sold separately. It costs $29.99 and is available for a limited time only.

Friday, September 8, 2017

My Current Nail Situation

Current nail situation....Bella Blue. The more blue I wear, the more peaceful and productive I feel. Sapphire is my birthstone, so everything lines up perfectly, right?
#markByAvon #NaKieshasOnThemark

Saturday, October 8, 2016

My Avon Product Of The Week Is.....

My Avon Product Of The Week

Funny story...I have literally been binge watching TV and YouTube for the last three days. When I say binge watching, I mean staying up til like 4:30 in the morning watching videos! As you may know, staying up late can wreak havoc on your skin.
I usually have good skin. My only problems are dark circles and laugh lines around my eyes (which I don't mind). During my binge, I noticed how my skin looked dry and blotchy. I had dry patches and weird bumps and everything. Before I went to sleep this morning, (LoL) I decided to try this new skincare cream that Avon is coming out with next month called Anew Ultimate Supreme Performance Cream. It's from the Anew line and it's a standalone cream, meaning it can be used alone or with any other Anew products. 

I washed my face like usual, using the Anew Vitale Gel Cleanser, followed up with the Anew Clinical Extra Strength Retexturizing Peel, then the Anew Power Serum and finally the Anew Ultimate Supreme Performance Cream. I was SO BLOWN AWAY by the results. Mannnn, this cream literally brought my skin BACK TO LIFE within ten (10) minutes!!! I BS you not!!!

My skin was glowing like I had a full night's sleep before I even went to bed!!! My skin was so smooth and radiant. Hubby was even impressed! I am sooo excited about this that I had to tell you guys about it. I've never experienced anything like this before. 

If you look at the jar, you will know not only the ingredients of this cream, but you will know the inspiration behind the making of this product as well. According to Avon, this lightweight cream is powered by a concentrated level of Avon's exclusive complex featuring Tahitian black pearl and other precious minerals. When you use it, you will instantly feel the luxuriousness of it. I only used a couple of dots on my forehead, chin, and cheeks...Trust me, you don't need much. And it smells AMAZING!! 

I definitely will be adding this to my skincare regime. It feels like one of those high-priced creams, but at a more affordable price. If you don't try anything else from the Avon skincare family of products, you MUST TRY THIS!!! It will be available to purchase in Campaign 23, but if you want a sample to try, please comment and let me know and I will be happy to oblige...

When it debuts in Campaign 23, it will be $34.99 and I strongly advise you to snag as many as you can at that price because it's a STEAL!!! Regular price will be $50...

Shop here:

Monday, September 26, 2016

Yelling Cat

I absolutely LOVE this video!!! It perfectly illustrates how adamant, yet cute cats can be. She obviously has to have a relationship with the cat for the cat to be so relentless in its pursuit to "tell her something"...LoL!! Now what exactly he's trying to say, we'll never know...