Saturday, June 16, 2018

You Know I Can't Get Enough of Smoothies, Right?!?

You know how much I LOVE smoothies, right? I am so addicted to them! I'm always trying to come up with more flavor combinations and at the same time get my recommended fruit and vegetable requirements. I know I should be concerned with the nutritional benefits of my drinks, but I don't pay too much attention to it.

That's where this book actually comes in handy. When I put my recipes together, I just focus on taste and consistency. With this book, they actually tell you the BENEFITS of adding certain fruits and vegetables together to get the most benefits with the least amount of work and time. The book also goes on to tell you what recipes you should use to health aid in health issues, sexual issues, and just overall health.

I enjoyed reading it myself. It definitely added to my arsenal of recipes that I go to on a daily basis to keep my tastes from getting to accustomed to the same ol flavors. The research put into this book was very good. It was well put together, and even if you don't want to read it all in one sitting (which I did), you can go straight to the part that you need and still be able to grasp what you need. The bonus content books was also pretty helpful. You should definitely look into this book. It's worth it!

Click on the link below to find out more information:

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

If You Love Pandora, Then You Should Try...

If You Love Pandora, Then You Should Try....

I know how expensive collecting Pandora charms can be. Those little charms can get very expensive in the long run. I know they're cute, but I'm here to let you know that there's a cheaper way to show you care.

Avon has a Pandora-like necklace and bracelet as part of their Cherished Moments collection. The jewelry is sterling silver and is very affordable. Most times, the charms are on sale 3/$10 while the bracelet is $7.99 and the necklace is $9.99. Avon also updates and rotates their offerings of charms based the holiday season. 

As far as quality, I really think there isn't a big difference. Pandora might have charms that have precious stones such as diamonds etc, but I'm not sure about that. But what I do know is that from what I've seen, most of the charms look equivalent to basic charms such as those above, which I don't think it's necessary to pay a huge premium price for.

If you're interested in purchasing one for yourself or as a gift, follow the link below:

Monday, May 7, 2018

Cool Beans!

Check out my trophy for getting first place in the Weekend Warrior challenge! #Fitbit

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Please Tell Me They Are Not Serious...

I just saw this on the news last night and I am so baffled...Look at this:

Are we kidding right now? I mean, seriously?!? So now we are going to encourage our young people to be grossly irresponsible like this. Look, we all know that the media is oversexualizing our kids on a daily basis. It's everywhere they look and go. Implementing something like this is not only egregious, but it's downright irresponsible. We all know that teen pregnancy is a problem, but removing the responsibility of the parties involved is not going to solve anything. If anything, it's going to give teens the impression that they can keep acting irresponsibly and recklessly and won't have to ever face the consequences of their actions.

Now I know many of you are saying, "But we have to do SOMETHING, right?". That's true. How about we treat out teens like human beings. How about we talk to them about real life and not just fantasy or make-believe situations that they would never encounter. For instance, all they see on TV and in the entertainment industry is that sex is so glamorous and enjoyable and that they should be doing it all the time, but they never get exposed to downfalls and intricacies that sex brings into relationships between people. Problems like sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancies, and broken homes and relationships are on the rise and are not fully explained to our young adults, leading them into situations that they are not fully prepared to deal with. Encouraging young adults to engage in safe sex by using condoms will definitely help more than posting "baby boxes" everywhere (which only deals with the after effects of the issue at hand). We need to be promoting a healthier viewpoint about sex and relationships.

What we are seeing now in today's society is what the outcomes of not laying down ground rules for sexual behavior and taking responsibility for your actions look like. Our teens have no idea what a real relationship looks like or how one even works. We made marriage look like a burden, so no one wants it anymore, yet we didn't replace it with anything that's substantial, so everyone's out here just "winging it" with no real purpose. They don't realize that sex is only suppose to happen in committed relationships (preferably marriages) and that sexual energy is exchanged between people that lingers long after the act has ended. I'm not going to get all metaphysical here, but people need to realize that everything in life is not a game and that everything we do has serious repercussions that affects everyone.

I'm going to end by saying this; I know that there's an epidemic of teens and young adults immersing and debasing themselves in this sex culture right now, but throwing out simple solutions to complex problems is not going to help things. We need to take these situations more seriously and stop pretending like everything will just work itself out in the end. Trust me, in the end will be too late.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Look What I Got To Try...

I've been on the Internet for years, so I get to try a lot of free stuff ALL THE TIME. This is one of the latest trials that I participated in. Check it out!

Jimmy Dean Premium 9oz Bowl Campaign

I got to try two of Jimmy Dean's Premium Breakfast Bowls for free so far and this is what I thought about each one.

The first one I tried is the Ranchero Steak and Eggs Bowl. The ingredients include steak, eggs, cheddar cheese, onions, peppers, potatoes, and salsa. Now I must admit that I was skeptical at first because I don't eat steak on a regular basis. The thought of steak for breakfast really had me looking at this bowl with major side eye...LoL!


I'm glad I did decide to try it. The steak was not dry and bland tasting like other frozen entrees are. The combination of the different flavors of the onions and peppers with the salsa was really good. I really enjoyed the flavor. I don't know if I would eat this all the time, but I would buy it occasionally so that I can enjoy something different for breakfast.

The second one I tried was the Burrito Breakfast Bowl flavor. This one was my favorite between the two I did try. It has some interesting ingredients including corn, black beans, onions, peppers, and eggs. I found the corn and black beans most interesting because you wouldn't normally hear that in a breakfast dish. They actually tasted really good together in this bowl. The peppers in this bowl also was a refreshing kick that I wasn't expecting. I'm actually going to buy this flavor more than the Steak flavor. I actually enjoyed this combination of ingredients more than the steak one.


I did enjoy both of the varieties of the Jimmy Dean Premium Breakfast Bowls, although my favorite was the Burrito Breakfast. If you want to shake up your breakfast routine, I suggest you try them. There is another variety, Loaded Potato (which I haven't tried yet, but will). You won't be disappointed. They're $2.97 at your local Walmart, so you won't lose much.